Sunday, November 22, 2009

Two More Down!

Ha, it’s like the camera crew at the AMAs is trying to point out what a douche Eminem is.  Long shots of his middle aged Jewish keyboard player and white guys in the audience dancing poorly.  Lovesit.

Does Eminem really need a hype man?  Bongos? 2 keyboard players? Because it pretty much just sounds like you’re rapping over a CD?  Also, clean up your language because ALL of the audio cuts out for us lowly home viewers everytime you say #%*&.  Have you been hanging out with Sophia Vergara backstage?

Is it cold in their Fiddy?  What’s up your puffy vest?  Whitney was sweating balls, take it off!  Oh wait, you left.  You’re embarrassed of Eminem too.

Oh wow, Timbaland already.  And Vampires! And Nelly Furtado! And some other chick that I totally thought was Nelly Furtado until actually Nelly came on stage. These vampires are stealing all their dance moves from Zombies.

Ok, this is a totally catchy little hip-pop vampire themed song.  I don’t remember it from the New Moon soundtrack but maybe I missed something.  Way to get the Twi-hards to pay attention Timb!

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