Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Things That I Do For Trish/I'm a Fatty

So I have been in Oregon doing notsomuch for the past two weeks. Imagine my delight when Trish informed me that Portland was the one place in America where I can get a cheeseburger in a doughnut bun! OK, well I am not sure if that last statement is even true but who cares, bring on the fat.

I forced my friend to come with me to The Original Dinerant (get it?) in downtown Portland last night to go on a feeding frenzy. I started with a homemade ginger-mint soda, which was made even better when they added a little Jack too it. But really, what isn't better with a small amount of JD? We then shared an order of poutine for an app that were surely made with Tillamook cheese curds. There was an option to add foie gras to the cheese curds for $7 which I was really temped by but since I gave FG during my funemployment I did not have a chance to taste it. Poor me.

Then I tried the aformentioned burger. It was both delicious and disgusting at the same time. More sweet than salty. And you can kinda of hear yourself getting fatter while you are eating it but I was OK with that.

Photos below. Enjoy. XOXO, LT