Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Blog Blog Blog

I know that I rarely update my blog, but that’s because I really don’t have that much to say.  I mean, who cares about the inner musings of a barely employed Angeleno whose main interest are gay club anthems and artisan cheeses?  But some people have a gift and they should update their blogs more often…

For example, my most favoritest blog ever Why The Fuck Do You Have A Kid? Every morning I wake up and flip open my computer and take care of the really important task of feeding my fish on my Facebook Happy Aquarium (more on that later), then I go to my bookmarks which range from NYTimes to Text From Last Night.

But the best is Why The Fuck Do You Have A Kid?  There is really nothing better than photos of babies with shotguns, craigslist sex ads from expected mothers and anyone goth with a child.  This asshole hasn’t updated since November 12th!  I am pissed. 

Please go fall in love with this website if you haven’t already, then help me protest.

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