Thursday, December 3, 2009

Ew, Yuck

Granted, I am on A LOT of cold/flu medicine and somewhat sleep deprived and my vision might not be entirely up to snuff at the moment, but does anyone else think that there is something terribly wrong with this Comso cover?

So I was at Albertons (I know I am supposed to be boycotting them because they hate gays but I am lazy and they are close), stocking up on Gatorade, soup, People magazine and other sick people stuff and I see this cover.  The guy behind me in line (deli meat and cheddar rolls) must of thought that I was going to vomit based on the look on my face because he recoiled at the sight of me.  I couldn’t help it, I was looking at Amanda Bynes.

Now don’t get me wrong, I think that Amanda Bynes is one of the finest actresses of our time.  Her performances in such timeless films as She’s the Man, What A Girl Wants and Sydney White and the Seven Dwarves are perfection.  But this cover is a hot tranny mess.  Her face looks like one of those “What would their kids look like?” mash-ups of two different celebrity faces.  Or maybe it looks more like a tranny/Barbie Ms. Potato head where not all of the right pieces were stuck in.  This screen shot doesn't do it justice, try to look up close the next time you go on a beer run.

Oh Amanda, I love you, but insist on using your own retoucher.


  1. She's trying to reinvent herself from a Disney-teen star...I agree with everything you said though, she looks horrifying!

  2. I don't think it's a reinvention. She was actually on the January 2009 cover as well. It's Bedside Astrologer time ya'll!

  3. I just like the phrase "hot tranny mess" and will strive to use it daily conversation.