Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Here Kitty Kitty

While jogging around the hood the other afternoon some dude rolled down the window of his mid-nineties Toyota Corolla and screamed “LOOK AT THAT ASS!” in my general direction.

What the fuck?  What is this dude trying to accomplish?  Does he expect me to swoon?  Run over and jump in his car and start planning our sexual escapades?  Has anyone ever started a relationship from a moving vehicle? Even a really really casual one?  Am I out and about to catch the eye of a winner like him?  Better yet, does he think that I haven’t looked at my ass? 

Newsflash dude, I’ve seen my ass.  That’s why I run everyday in attempts to make it disappear so that losers like you don’t catcall me.

Assholes. Stop it!

Catcalling is not the new black.

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