Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Panty Raid!

Ladies and Gentleman, I have a problem.  No, it’s not my drinking problem. That’s already been well documented and discussed. No, I’m not smoking crack.  Although Dr. Drew is starting to make me think that I might be the only person in America who isn’t.  I am compulsively buying expensive undergarments.

Like every girl, I love pretty lacy under things.  I have rationalized the necessity for $15 Hanky Panky  underwear for daily wear, none of that Victoria’s Secret mall lingerie bullshit here.

But the problem has gotten REALLY bad since a little boutique known as Panty Raid opened in the neighborhood.  Now, I literally have to walk 30 seconds from my morning coffee spot to the most adorable little lingerie shop in Los Feliz.  I can’t stop buying panties!  The need for matching bra and panty sets is becoming overwhelming.  I can’t even go to the gym if my sports bra doesn’t match my underwear.

I’ve also discovered something amazing; garter belts.  Garter belts completely eliminate the need to wear tights.  The truest saying I’ve ever heard in my life was Edina from Absoultely Fabulous who simply said, “I'd just once like to take my clothes off and not be marked by them...”  I’m in full agreement with that statement.  I mean, even Kate Moss is probably left with that tragic flesh-seam running down her stomach when she wears tights.  Not only does the garter belt eliminate the aforementioned seam, but it also doubles as a purse of sorts for items such as a Blackberry, lipstick, cigarettes and small handguns.

It also gives you that added jump in your step if you know you’re wearing sexy lingerie, even if no one else does.

Sexy lingerie and garter belts are the new black.

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