Sunday, November 22, 2009

And the Winner Is.... Adam Lambert for Everything!

Since I have “insider” knowledge.  I know that award shows are more likely to lose valuable viewers during rock performances.  Which makes Green Days placement in the show totally odd.  In fact, I’m not totally sure why they are performing at all.  This song is so over played.  Fast forward.

Lovely, Taylor Swift is the Artist of the Year!  All is right in the world!  Now let that poor girl go to bed!

Yes, Adam Lambert!  I think I love him even if I have never actually heard is music.  Is it just me or did all of the artist calls each other and coordinate their outfits.  Everyone is wearing something black, silver or gold. There is all sorts of shiny going on tonight and everyone seems to be trying to look “tough.”  I am pretty sure Adam and Rihanna have the same stylist tonight.  Nice spikes kids.

OK, back to Adam’s performance.  What do we call this genre of music? Show-pop maybe?  This song is going to be on repeat in my gay gym so I better get used it.  It’s pretty catchy.

Oh gay bondage! More strippers! He just literally came out of a closet on stage.  What did he just do to that strippers’s vagina?  He tried to like tug it off.  Odd. Possibly symbolic.  And they totally cut the back up dancer giving him a fake BJ- gee thanks ABC.  C’mon nothing worse than what I would be seeing on Desperate Housewives tonight.  Oh wow- he just kissed a boy and liked it.

I mean, in three minutes he just managed to alienate most of his American Idol fan base, but what a fun romp that was.

Oh thank god this shit is over.  My drinking partner and I need to go sip away the pain.

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  1. The Green Day thing baffled me. Considering they were the only rock band on the show, I'd have thought playing one of their actual rock songs would have made more sense.