Sunday, November 22, 2009

Don't Call It Come Back- OK, Call It That If You Want...

Thanks bitches for all of the emails and text messages about how much you love my blogging.  You know, there are comment boxes all over this thing so you can just say things there if you’re not shy.

I almost thought we were going to see Rihanna’s boobies for a minute in that intro!  And how fierce is that straight jacket she is wearing? And fire! And lasers!  And more lasers coming out of her straight jacket! Oh wait, I forgot to listen to the song!  I think Rihanna did too because it looks like her in-ear fell out.  I don’t think that I’m in love with this new come-back rock and roll Rihanna but entertaining never the less.  Good work, Rihanna.

Anyone know if that neck tattoo is new?

1 comment:

  1. That outfit looked like something the New Breed used to wear. In case you're wondering who the New Breed is, they were a second rate tag team in WCW back in the early 90s.