Sunday, November 22, 2009

Nap time at the AMAs

Other than the fact that Keith Urban is wearing a shirt that I am pretty sure that I own from Hurley’s tween girls line I have nothing to say about that either. 

Now on to Kelly Clarkson,  she’s way to young to be wearing Liz Taylor’s hand-me-downs.

I appreciate the super classy feel to her performance and the fact that she brought a string section in formal wear, but this is the AMAs, not the Grammys.  This show is the opposite of class, make it fun.  Kelly, did you see how bored Carrie Underwood looked? And she’s supposed to be your friend.  Fail, Kelly Clarkson.

1 comment:

  1. ummm who said carrie was kelly's friend? the weren't even in the same season! it makes more sense to be in formal wear when singing a slow, ballad-y song. I don't know what kind of point or sense you are trying to make. Yeah that was why she got that standing O. I appreciated her class at a classless event where crotch grabbing is normal.