Sunday, November 22, 2009

Epic Fail Casting Director!

There is nothing that ruins the telling of an otherwise perfectly good story other than poor casting. And no show fails more in this area than TLC’s I DIDN’T KNOW I WAS PREGNANT.

Don’t get me wrong, I really appreciate the casting of much more attractive versions of the white trash fucks that don’t know they are pregnant for the reenactments . Especially when they cut the actual peoples narrations in right before to the actor reenactments and it’s so painfully obvious how much better looking they are… priceless. So good job Casting Director because no one wants to look at white trash fucks but epic fail on your casting of the babies!

Have you seen these babies! They are like six months old! Like I am really supposed to believe that she didn’t know she was pregnant with that twelve pounder? I mean, when Andrea Zuckerman was on 90210 we were willing to overlook the fact that she was a 45 years because she had a ten year story arc, but for a 15 minute TLC segment we need to play it age appropriate.

These babies do not look premature. They do not look like it’s a matter of life or death if they wrap them in a blanket immediately. They don’t even look that pissed off they are laying on filthy bathroom floors. They are all rosy cheeked and doe eyed. Maybe it isn’t the Casting Directors fault though…

Lay off the milk for a couple of days babies. Take some acting classes.

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