Monday, November 23, 2009

Google me!

So you will notice that there are now google ads on my site. This is how I am going to become an Internet millionaire as opposed to just an internet sensation like I am now.  So from my very limited understanding of how this shit works a magical google elf reads my blog and put up what ads he thinks people would like based on my content. He also knows all of my innermost thoughts and insecurities, which is why earlier today there were two ads for mini skirts for plus size women.

Well dear readers- and there have been over 100 of you today (unless my mom has been here 100 times today which is entirely possible)!!! Since it’s illegal for me to tell you to click on the ads I am going to have to update my posting with key words that will tip the elf off to sites you might actually click on.  I think I know my reader base pretty well since you’re either my mom or a facebook/twitter follower. So here goes:

Weight loss without effort
Buy prescription drugs online
Celebrity sex tapes
Bearded hipster dudes
Jenny Lewis naked
Outpatient rehab

Ok, let’s see if this works!

1 comment:

  1. Who is Jenny Lewis? But, I am interested in easy weight loss.