Monday, January 11, 2010

And how does giving me 10 more make you feel?

In true Los Angeles/Lesbian/Jewish fashion, when I broke up with my
ex-girlfriend, I decided to treat myself to a little bit of therapy.
Not that I was slitting my wrists and crying all day or anything, but
I was kinda’ bummed, and figured there was some personal growth
waiting to happen in there somewhere.  I wasn’t really interested in
going to some Kaiser group-therapy b.s., so I shelled out a pretty
penny to see a woman my friend had recommended to me.  While this was
helpful, the majority of it was just me talking things through.

Now the other thing that I did for myself in the process of this
break-up was sign up for personal training at the gym (I wanted to be
really well adjusted AND really hot).  What I discovered is that in
between reps is a great time to talk out your issues!  Here’s a person
who 1) is paid to listen to you and b) doesn’t know all of your
friends.  For $30 a half hour every week, I get to spill my guts and
get an outsider’s opinion, while simultaneously toning that same gut!
Genius!  I recommended this to a friend, who said that they maybe
wanted to talk to someone with a little more insight into the world
than a 
personal trainer at LA Fitness. . . , but I stand by my claim.

Multi-tasking therapy is the new black.

Post by guest blogger KC.

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