Friday, January 8, 2010

I wonder if this is a big problem in Peoria...

As if dating in general isn’t hard enough, there is a whole new element to dating in Los Angeles that has been coming up a lot lately.  Celebrity exs.

No, I’m not talking about dating a celebrity myself.  I have to have a few cocktails to tell that story and you’ll probably still have to wikipedia the dude.  I’m talking about dating dudes that have dated celebrities.  As an eastsider there is the constant fear that you’re being compared to Kirsten Dunst every time you meet a hot dude at bar, especially if he’s in a band. 

I once dated a guy who had been in a long relationship with an actress that played the irresistible girl next door in one of those horrible teen movies.  I mean, how are girls like us supposed to compare to girls who get paid to not eat and work out all day? Famous people need to sick to dating other people for that reason.

Slow down Kirsten. Celebrity exs are not the new black.

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