Monday, January 11, 2010

Enough is enough (is enough?)

A friend of mine is dating this guy who is basically any Hip Hop enthusiast’s wet dream: tall, dark, and bad ass (and from one of those countries that us prepsters only go to on grad trip or buy ethically made clothing or coffee from when we’re feeling guilty about over-consumption).

So what’s the problem? Well there isn’t one really. Except that recently, my friend started to limp.

“New swagger to match your new man?” I chuckled.

“No,” she groaned, clearly in pain. “He Chris Brown’d my ass.”

Whoa whoa whoa, I thought, it just got dark in here...

And thus, I submit to you the following; how far is too far? When it comes to comedic endeavors, it seems that lately, all decorum and regard for political correctness flies out the window. Quite frankly, I love it.

I say bring it all back – the rude jokes, the naughty insinuations – but let’s keep smart folks. Let’s inspire each other to reach cheekier, more ridiculous levels of humor. After all, life, like that hellaciously boring family on Little People, Big World, is just too short.

Going too far is the new black…. LB

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  1. I fell down today.....the pavement Chris Brown'd my ass!