Thursday, January 7, 2010

New social networking site...

As a social geography major, I’ve long been fascinated with the way in which we’re all connected. It follows then, that social networking sites and hooking up with a lot of people are two of my greatest hobbies (and proud achievements).

I suppose it is possible I took that kindergarten song “the more we get together the happier we’ll be” a little too literally… However, it really does seem that “your friends are my friends and my friends are your friends” is good advice for both the Internet and the bedroom. But I digress…

Social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter really boil down to one thing: they’ll all about who’s doing what to whom, where. When you think about it, it’s all about geography. We’re all social cartographers of sorts; trying to tap into what’s going on and most importantly, how we fit into the mix. Recently I wondered to myself, why not marry my two greatest loves and become a cocktographer?

Enter LinkedIn; the site for professionals to connect and expand their job networks. So here is my proposal: take the concept of the popular site and apply it to men. I call it DickedIn.

Much like its predecessor, DickedIn would apply the concept of online networking to your junk. Ladies can see how they're "connected", update their status, and keep track of ex-dick. There would be a link for “Would you recommend this Dick?” and the site could be accessed pre-blind dates. (Now where’s the App for that?) Posting photos optional...

DickedIn is the new black.


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