Saturday, January 23, 2010

R U 2 kewl for skul or wat?

When did it become okay to just completely eliminate all grammar and
spelling from text messages?  I mean, I get it, sometimes if I’m up to
159 out of 160 characters and I’ve already eliminated that second
space bar after all of the periods, I may spell “you” as “u,” but I
don’t feel good about it.  And occasionally I’ll throw in a “l8r sk8r”
just to be ironic, but only to people that know that I’m kidding.  I
gave my number to a girl on Wednesday, and today I had the following
text conversation:

Chick: Hey kelly..wats up..
(at this point, I am judging her already, not only on the spelling and
lack of capitalization, but on the two period ellipses instead of 3)
Me: Hello. . . who is this?
Chick: (I will remove her name for annonymity’s sake)..u gave me ur #
Wensdae nite..

Seriously?!?  I mean, I talked to this girl for about 1 minute (yes,
clearly I should be a little more selective about the strangers I hand
my number out to. . . point taken).  This text is basically the first
impression that she is giving to me.  Wensdae!?!?!?!  She spells worse
than an illiterate seventh grader.  Come the fuck on.  And it’s not
like typing “Wensdae” is really any easier than just spelling the
whole damn word.  The name of this person that I am omitting is also a
“creative” spelling (read: misspelling) of a common name.  Perhaps she
was just doomed from birth?  Even so, six out of the eight words in
this text message are wrong (including her name).  Get your ass back
to elementary school, and take your mother with you.

On the plus side, texting can make it easier and more efficient to
scan for mate quality.  I could have spent days talking on the phone
with this person thinking that she was a very bright individual.  Now
I know a person’s level of education by first text, and much less time
is wasted on those unworthy of my attention.

So what was my first impression?  Ur an idiot.  Or should it be U’r an idiot?

Textspeak is not the new black.

by guest blogger KC


  1. Hilarious! Love your guest blogger KC, Lisa. Maybe KC could an entire post on apostrophe abuse?

  2. Oh... I think MB needs to be a guest blogger!

  3. Love it, KC! Excellent post. U R right!