Sunday, January 24, 2010

Will Work for Corporate Rock

In order for you to understand how much distain is brewing inside me today, I am going to have to have to give you some background info.  Radiohead is playing a Haiti benefit show at the Henry Fonda theater tonight.  Tickets were sold online via auction so the highest bidder won.  The highest bidder was playing around 400-500 dollars from what I can figure out. This a “amazing” for 3 reasons:

  1. OMG it’s Radiohead!  Everyone’s favorite band of all time!  Frat dudes love them! Super judgemental hipsters that don’t normally listen to music that you have heard of love them! Your dad loves them!
  2. The Fonda is a smaller venue so it’s going to be “once in a lifetime experience” and what not
  3. That whole giving money to Haiti thing…
 Oh wait, no one gives a shit about Haiti and I guarantee you that scalpers are going to getting much more money than Oxfam off this shit.  The insanity of people trying to get into this show is disgusting. Take for example this guy, he is clearly loaded and doesn't give a fuck about Haiti but was too lazy to get tickets on line.  On second thought, I think I am going to call him and see if he'll take me to Katsuya next weekend. Or this dude is such a fucking loser I don't even know where to start.  This douche has to be my favorite, I am pretty sure that he will be going to the Radiohead concert tonight.  And I am 100% sure that this Persian girl's daddy is going to be PISSED when he hears about her swapping her birthday present for a Radiohead ticket.

I didn't know that people were so desperate to listen to Radiohead.  I am putting my copy of the Clueless soundtrack on Ebay immediately.

Selling your soul to see some band is not the new black.

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