Thursday, January 7, 2010

Shooting isn’t Just for South Central Anymore

Remember in college when you would go totally crazy over any guy (or
girl) in a band?  If it had a guitar, it was totally fuckable.  It
didn’t matter if they had any skill, or any actual gigs, or even any
original song.  Show me a guy with kinda long hair and an accoustic
guitar, and I’ll show you a sorority herpes outbreak just waiting to

Now while a Vintage Fender certainly isn’t a turn off, there is a new
panty-dropping accessory in town – the camera.  Why are cameras so
sexy?  Well boys and girls, it’s a known fact that most people are a
little bit (or a lotta’ bit) vain, and want nothing more than somebody
who can make them really, really, ridiculously good looking.  A good
photographer is like a good hairdresser, but more permanent, because
that shit will be on your facebook for years.  YEARS!!  Everybody
likes looking at pictures of themselves, but it is so much better to
sit and look at good pictures of yourself.

You may now be asking yourself, “I’d love to start a hobby that may
also find me a bedmate, but what type of camera should I buy?”  Now,
you’ve got a couple of options here.  If you’re frequenting bigger
parties where you can swing your way into looking like the official
event photographer, a giant expensive model with a huge lense and huge
flash is the way to go (bonus points if you are ACTUALLY the event
photographer).  If this is your scene, bigger IS better.  Try to
“accidentally” run into people with it, as the “Oops, I’m sorry, did I
hit you with my camera?” can act as a pretty 
good conversation
.  If you’re into a more hipster scene (you silverlake and
williamsburg kids out there), you’ll probably get more “bang” for your
buck (get it?) going with something vintage like a Holga or a
Polaroid.  And if you’re in a bind for cash, just grab that digital
camera that your mom got you for 
Hanukkah 2 years ago and hit the
bars, because. . .

Cameras are the new black.

Post by guest blogger KC


  1. OMG - FINALLY you understand!

    Daily Blogger (take a drink)

  2. My ex-bf brought some old-ish Polaroid to the Cha and was charging people 3 bucks a pop for a neato, old-school pic. It wasn't helping him get laid (prob cuz he's fugged out), but he made some extra pocket money!!