Sunday, January 3, 2010

Horrible Fashion Trends

I have a lot of pointless theories but one of the most developed is about how American Apparel is actually a social experiment being run by a secret division of the government testing the stupidity of hipsters.   As someone who has actually purchased a $50 hoodie in the past week, I am pretty sure that we the people are failing.  More on that later...

Today, I just want to complain about these ridiculous pants.  How much PBR and cocaine was Dov on when he thought these were a good idea?  They don't even look good on the model.  Even the American Apparel in my neighborhood seems to be offended by them and hides them in the back of the store.   And the only thing that could make these pants worse is American Apparel's janky ass construction.  Imagine how embarrassing it would be to wear these pants... OK, now imagine how embarrassing it's gonna be when the ass splits wide open the first time you wear them to Cinespace on Sunday.  That's just sick.  Now, I have been ranting about these hideous pants for months and yesterday this photo of Menudo came to my attention and it all made sense...

Hideous pants are not the new black.  Send this shit back to the '80s where it belongs.


  1. Great article. I couldn't agree more. I think it's insanity.

  2. very nice post here I love to share my thoughts about fashion.I believe fashion is the name of innovation and long boots always add some thing in fashion trends

  3. Hahaha! Who are you?! I'm cracking up over here. This is just what I needed to read