Sunday, January 3, 2010

Bizarre LA Celeb Sightings

Living in Los Angeles, you obviously see celebrities all the time.  "Oh look, there's Jeremy Piven!" is something you would expect to hear at any the sushi bar or "Is that Lindsay Lohan in her car shaking?" might be something that you hear in the parking lot behind Hyde.  These are all normal things that you get used to over time.  But when I saw Eric Dane of Grey's Anatomy fame and his wife the Noxema girl sitting behind us in the University of Oregon section at the Rose Bowl this weekend I was very confused.  As you may have heard, the celeb couple had little scandal this year and have been laying low.  Also, if anyone remotely famous had a connection to Oregon it would be on the cover of the local newspaper every day.

Once my level of post-game consciousness evened out at hammered from the previous level of black-out drunk (Bowl games are college football games with beer!!!), I went to my computer and started to google and the only connection I could find between the couple and Oregon was their sex tape threesome partner former Miss Oregon Teen USA.  

Supporting your sex tape threesome partner's college footaball team is the new black.

Picture stolen from my mom's facebook page.

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